​2017 Annual Meeting - Saturday, January 27th 2018

2 pm at the Bigfork Chamber of Commerce

​Voting for renewing board members and new board members, discussion for and against changing the days of the market to Tuesdays

3 pm - 6 pm and Fridays 10 am - 1 pm to comply with the needs of the VFW, and any other issues the members wish to discuss.  If you would like to vote on the changes, but cannot attend the meeting, you may leave a message on the contact page of this website.

Wanted:  Volunteers to become Members and Board Members of the Bigfork Farmers' Market.
Become a member and help your community.

Musicians wanted. Showcase your talent.

Call Cathi at 249-8439 today!

Looking for sponsors for live music.
Call Cathi for more information.

Welcome to The Bigfork Farmer's Market 
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